Friday, February 26, 2010

To Market: Dear Deer

So, I never thought I end up doing a sort of shopping post, but it seems natural at this point. I will occasionally spend a lot of time perusing, tagging and bookmarking items that are really unique or catch my eye in some way and I thought it would be a good time to share with everyone.

Instead of just putting up some of my favorite Etsy finds in a sort of collage, I'd really like to point you all to those particular vendors who make or supply these wonderful items via a direct link. I will apologize in advance if some of the items are not available or the links no longer work. Because of their pure awesomeness, these items will, quite likely, already be sold and gone.

Le sigh.

So, with that, I present today's to Market as Dear Deer. We are a hunting household. Well, I take that back, my HUSBAND is a bow hunter and is pretty eaten up with it. Subsequently, my son is a bow hunter in training. Anything that has to do with deer, the forest or hunting, he loves. My daughter just likes to do anything that her brother does.

So, we like nature, animals and most of all, deer. Now, don't get me wrong, we don't glorify massive innocent animal bloodshed in our house. It's quite the opposite. My husband is really good about teaching respect to nature and to animals. My son, at an early age, understands that you should only take what you can eat and not just kill for the sake of killing because as he says, "Animals need their mommies and daddies too."

ANYHOO ... I digress. May I present...

Happy Friday!


Pearl Girl said...

wow you've been busy, I love these, one of my boys room is a sort of huntin/woodsy room, I will have to check these out.

Anonymous said...

AAAHHH! Do this again - you have such fabulous taste! I love the ribbon and decals... and those led to so many other nifty things, and so on...