Monday, February 8, 2010

'Schmallow Fun..

My little ones have been requesting marshmallows for the past week. I think I really am asking for it when I have to take them shopping and need something in the baking aisle. Right when we pass the brightly-colored mini-marshmallows, my four year old starts in with, "We haven't had marshmallows in a looooooooong time."

So, instead I picked up some unflavored gelatin and crossed my fingers that I could make them at home with this recipe. I haven't had much luck with meringues yet so I was a little wary that these guys would even turn out ... but they did! Oh, they are so yummy. Please try them!

Gelatin and tons of sugar with a dash of vanilla churned out the most lovely marshmallows we've tasted (okay, we don't get out much, but they truly are very good). I am always second-guessing recipes and with this one, I followed the directions exactly and got the desired result.

The recipe did call for one 9"x9" pan but I ended up using two because there was so much fluff, it would have overrun the first pan. I may try a 9"x12" next time to see what happens.

Normally, this is where bloggers will show you their perfect, homemade 'schmallows slowly melting in some hot cocoa, but we did some indoor campfire cooking:

Yuuuuuuum! The toddler helped put these together (with minimal consumption of ingredients) and we toasted them under the broiler.

They won't last long!


Jackamo said...

Okay, that is just too fun! You're the best mommmy!

Angie Armstrong said...

You are too cool! I'm so opposite of you - I would buy the bag just to save time...I love that you're so adventurous! ~Ange

Jenny said...

Aw, Ange! I'm totally making you some marshmallows - peppermint!

Suzanna said...

That is awesome! I like baking but I've never thought to try to make my own marshmellows. I'll definitely have to try it!!