Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Workshop Wednesday

Hello! It's well into the new year and time for me to share what I've been working on around here. January for me is all about organizing, cleaning and doing all the things that were put on hold during December. Does anyone else find January busy? I do, in a different way of course.

I really have been busy creating, sketching and whatnot, but just not recording as well. There are so many things on my to-do list to check off. Enter: Workshop Wednesday. This is a fun little workgroup created by a good eFreind, Cheryl over at Naptime Quilter (if you happen to also be a foodie, check out her gastronomical blog). Cheryl is an amazing quilter and creator in a couple of ways: a. she makes beautiful, artful quilts. b. she finds a way to make these quilts with two little ones, a full time job as well as being a domestic CEO.

I would LOVE to jump on this bandwagon and get your opinions and eye for design/layout with my new project. For Christmas, my babies both got toddler beds.

They were completely beside themselves with excitement! They are about 18mo. apart so the transition was pretty easy. Ms. A keeps finding a way to the floor most nights, but she's happy to have a bed like her brother's.

Anyway, getting rid of the changing table, the cribs and all has really opened up the room. We now have two large, empty walls. It is a very small room with the only storage inside the closet. Now that we don't have the changing table, we really need a place to put all the fun stuff in an organized and beautiful way. This book inspired me to make modular wall pockets (if you don't already have this book, I highly recommend it).

I had to make up my own pockets as the pattern from that book wouldn't work, but I think my first three are GREAT! Now I can't decide what to do next. Can you all help? I have these things in the closet in a huge jumble:
1. shoes - these have no home and sometimes get lost in the mix
2. diapers - Ms. A refuses to go potty so we're stuck with these for a while
3. books - our little shelf is overflowing so we need a place to put a few important ones
4. stuffed animals - need I say more?
5. whatnots - all the little floaters like clip on ties, belts and hair bows

Here is what I have so far (sorry for the blurriness but you get the idea):

I could go for option A:

We've got another set of three pockets to the right, some shoe pockets above and some larger, double pockets on the top. With a garland or some sort of artwork. Yes? No?

Or I could go for option B:

Entirely different set of pockets on the right, same three above the first three and some framed pictures (like my art?). Yes? No?

OR I could do something different entirely. Thoughts?

Thanks to anyone and everyone who may give me some inspiration. We need to get ourselves organized. If you are interested in how I did these pockets, I'd be happy to post a tutorial in a later entry.



Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh, blank space...
How many books do you have? Our book shelf is overflowing, so I am always going to advocate for book shelves. My fave is the Expedit from IKEA. And if you don't have as many books as shelves then you can make bins to fit inside (or buy some too.)
From a visual perspective I love the first layout you've done. The balance is better. That being said, I would love for you to be able to get some artwork of yours in there. But sewing is artwork too!

Watoosa said...

I actually like the second layout better. What if you painted a picture of an object and got A to do her own version of the same object, then framed both as "a study of a ... from two perspectives." Wouldn't that be fun?
BTW, I love A's expressions in both photos. She's so precious!
On a related note, below is a link to wall art from The Land of Nod I want to paint for Ben's room when he gets a little older. I'll make my own version, probably with some different cities or countries featured that I've actually visited. Let me know if the url doesn't work for you.

Jackamo said...

From a purely visual aspect, I think that the balance is better in the first layout. I'm also concerned that the really large, multi-functional pocket in the 2nd layout might get too heavy and sag a bit. SO, I'd use option A, but I'd go with art work instead of the garland. The kids share a room, don't they? Why don't you have them each paint something and frame it? Or Do a three smaller pictures, where you paint something, and they each paint their "version" of it in corresponding colors. LASTLY, here is a tutorial for an great and similar book sling that you might be interested in:

AND VERY LASTLY, I totally didn't realize you'd been updating this all this time!! My link was broken or something. I don't know. I've reset it, and I should get updates now. Great creating!!!

elle said...

Jumping in... Actually your theme is cute! To keep things balanced, draw a box that are the edges of the area you want to use. Then arrange the different shaped objects inside. Definitely include personal art work! Organizing needs to be simple, that is easier to do what's intended than any other option. The pockets are cute for stuffed toys, but when the crayons get in the bottoms??? Cn they reach things easily? Maybe a very low cubbyhole unit under the wall display with fabric covered boxes, plastic bins or wicker baskets for scooping up cars, tea things or misc. Just another thought... Now I need to think about where I could put some of these neat pouches!

Jenny said...

Thank you all so much for your advice! I've really been thinking about all you have said and staring at the white wall in their room, working it all out. The only reason I'm taking longer than usual is that I have to drill holes in the wall and this makes me stop and think longer than normal.

I like combining Cheryl and Elle's idea of having some sort of cubby system for the really small and/or heavy things and placing them below the pockets at the children's level will be perfect.

I will have to think about some artwork now! I have a canvas in the basement that needs some love ...

Thank you to everyone! This was a major help.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've come to a decision, but I thought I'd just add that I like the 2nd layout better. It seems a bit more balanced somehow.

Putting up some of your artwork is a great idea!

Emma Rae said...

on the raising olives blog ( she gives a great tutorial on how to use rain gutters as a book shelf! it is very inexpensive and cute!!! great way to use up wall space and it is not limited to books!