Monday, December 7, 2009

Get Out Anyway

All I've been hearing around the neighborhood (and the blogosphere too) lately is all about someone's either come down with the:
1. flu
2. H1N1 (or swine fever! heh, heh)
3. a virus
4. something that's going around and I think we got it from uncle marty at the last family get-together

... or some such icky-ness. Well, it's been through our house too. As much as I wanted to keep myself 'clean' of all illness, I was struck with it as well. My husband kept apologizing thinking that he gave me the flu, while my daughter coughed in my face and my son tried to stick his finger in my mouth to kiss a boo-boo.

No, honey, you probably didn't give me this flu. (I hear all you mothers of toddlers laughing in agreement)

So, just to get out we sometimes go for walks and waddyaknow? We also got some entertainment to boot. My children decided that they liked watching the roofers put on a new roof for a neighbor so much that they plopped right down to watch the action. These guys had some good music blaring and were in generally good spirits (even for a really cold day). Once they caught sight of their little audience, they really put on a show. Some of the guys waved while others tried tossing soft drink cans up to the guys working on the roof. A few of those cans I probably wouldn't try to open.

This is all just to say that we do find fun in the ordinary, don't we? My children are constant reminders that there are all kinds of interesting and exciting things going on around us all the time. We just have to look for it.

Stay well everyone!

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